A Tasty Reward!   Bangkok

Sometimes you just have to roll the rice, point to that iced bucket containing what looks like toxic waste (or the liquid poo of a leprechaun), and order a glass -- it was delicious!

Researching this drink, I came discover it was made of crushed plant leaves. In fact, the plant in the background of this image is actually what it's made out of. The drink is said to be very good for your inner-plumbing.

The plant is known as ใบบัวบก, and the drink as น้ำใบบัวบก. The unconfirmed translation into English is Indian Pennywort.

I've got to go well out of my way to find this stuff, but it's worth the effort

A Tasty Reward! A Tasty Reward!
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May 13, 2007 | 11:04